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Frequencies for HF and shortwave radio networks in Oceania:
Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, U.K, U.S.A, and more.
Our directory includes aviation,
maritime, military, government, civilian, and shortwave broadcast.

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Belated update for RNZI, Radio Free Asia and BBC shortwave schedules

Updated ADF Callsign list - new unit 100SQN, 4SQN new callsigns

Callsign update for AIRFORCE.
36 SQN .

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#1 Australian Defence Force Callsigns

#2 Civil Aviation Flightwatch HF Frequencies

#3 Radio New Zealand Broadcast Schedule

#4 Aviation Volmet HF Frequencies

#5 Australian MHFCS Frequencies 



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In addition to radio frequencies, SWLD provides you with maps, callsigns, watch times, educational resources and first hand advice to maximise your Shortwave Listening experience.

Our database has been compiled from researching actual government and official sources - our content is guaranteed to be current.

To help maintain this resource you are invited to contribute information.
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