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Australian Customs Service HF Radio Frequencies
Australian Customs Service (ACS)
Boarder Protection Command

Coastwatch role and objectives

The BPC has stated that the role of Coastwatch is to provide a "civil littoral and offshore surveillance and response service". Providing the following services:


Coastwatch uses a mixture of aircraft and marine vessels. The aircraft, both fixed wing and rotary are supplied by outsourced contractors, Defence and charter flights. The marine vessels are supplied by either the RAN, private charter or the NMU.

Primary long range communications are conducted utilizing the following HF network, and are supplemented by Inmarsat and Iridium satellite systems (also military UHF Satcom).

Registered Frequency Dial Frequency (USB)
2.1495000 MHz 2.148 MHz
5.2865000 MHz 5.285 MHz
7.9615000 MHz 7.960 MHz
10.4365000 MHz 10.435 MHz
13.5925000 MHz 13.591 MHz
The following are only used in Townsville, QLD
10.9665000 MHz 10.965 MHz
11.0565000 MHz 11.055 MHz
14.5265000 MHz 14.525 MHz
14.9365000 MHz 14.935 MHz

(All frequencies are 3K00J3E)

The ACS HF Network is Australia's second largest HF system, second only to the military MHFCS network.
It's remote transmission sites are located at:
Port Headland WA, Brome WA, Tullamarine VIC, Lord Howe Island NSW, Dampier WA, Carnarvon WA, Brisbane QLD, Alice Springs NT, and Townsville QLD.


Customs Vessels

The current fleet of Bay class ships are due to be replaced by end of 2015 with the Cape class.

Name Notes Class
ACV Botany Bay ACV 30 Bay Class
ADV Cape Byron Operated by Navy ADV 20 Cape Class
ACV Cape Jervis   Cape Class
ACV Cape Leveque   Cape Class
ADV Cape Nelson Operated by Navy ADV 40 Cape Class
ACV Cape Sorell   Cape Class
ACV Cape St George   Cape Class
ACV Cape Wessel   Cape Class
ACV Cape York   Cape Class
ACV Holdfast Bay ACV 20 Bay Class
ABFC Ocean Shield   Offshore Support Vessel - Southern Ocean
ACV Roebuck Bay ACV 10 Bay Class
ACV Storm Bay ACV 80 Bay Class
AFBC Thiayak Ashmore Reef long range interceptor  
ACV Triton Former UK Navy trimaran prototype Triton Prototype - Pacific & Indian Ocean


Information correct as of 20 January, 2016