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Frequency Databases Global Frequency Database – Lookup by frequency, location, or callsign


Online Web Shortwave / HF Receivers Online SDR receivers Online Web SDR receiver Melbourne, Aus. Online receiver in Wellington, NZ – Includes DRM mode


Education - HAM Radio and SWL Resources - VKFAQ - A comprehensive amateur radio & educational resource . Online resource for students preparing for Amateur Radio examinations Aus. Guide to monitoring digital modes



Propagation Conditions Australian IPS Radio and Space Services HF Propagation Charts Ham QSL Solar Database


Aircraft & Maritime Vessel Online Tracking Track maritime vessels live on your PC for free Track airplanes live on your PC for free Track airplanes live on your PC for free Airport Information Database


Shortwave Broadcast Stations Determine what station you are hearing on air - Search by frequency Global Shortwave Activist Broadcast Schedule Radio Australia  Radio New Zealand Fiji Freedom and Democracy Movement TWR Christian Radio – Guam Voice of Indonesia Solomon Islands Broadcast Corporation Voice of Papua New Guinea  Radyo Philipinas - Phillippines Radio Thailand BBC World Service - Asia Voice of America Radio Free Asia Voice of Vietnam


Radio Software  PC-ALE (Decoding ALE data) Kg- ACARS MULTI-PSK ACARSD PC-HFDL V1 PC-HFDL V2 DRM Decoding Freeware



Radio Hardware, Classifieds & Equipment Reviews Fantastic radio equipment reviews, forums, and amateur radio resources Online resource for amateur and short wave radio in Aus – Also a good 2nd hand gear site. Military Radio Sales - Used and New


Australia ACMA License Search page Australian VKS-737 4WD Network Australian SW Diary - Good for beginners    


New Zealand Wellington Mountain Radio Service - New Zealand North Island Mountain Radio Service - New Zealand South Island NZ Spectrum Management License Search Page