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One of the main goals of SWLD is to encourage new listeners into the exciting and challenging field of shortwave listening. We hope to facilitate your introduction into the hobby by teaching you a few basics to help you get started.
These articles are very basic - designed for new SWL'ers - if you want to learn more see our links page.

Key areas to successful receiving of short wave communications involve understanding of:


Current articles:

   Radio Waves & Wavelength: Quick explanation of radio waves/wavelength - why they matter most.

  Radio Wave Propagation
: How do shortwave radio waves travel around the world?

  Radio Wave Propagation: Radio wave propagation ACMA Fact Sheet  

  Antennas: Quick guide to how they can work for you

   Emission designators. What the &#^! does 3K0J3E mean? - The full technical manual

   Emission designators. Easy guide - use when viewing databases (pdf cheat sheet)


Help for those new to shortwave listening

If you've started out your radio interception hobby by using a V/UHF scanner you may think it's quite easy to intercept radio communications. Graduating to being a successful short wave listener, however, can involve a bit of homework before your efforts yield good results.

The shortwave or high frequency (HF) spectrum presents unique challenges and rewards to those who wish to be a part of it. You'll hear places and signals not possible with a scanner, and the challenge is worth it.
SW Listeners are subjected to ever changing atmospheric conditions outside our control, and aspects of physics which can make getting a good signal a lot of hard work. Don't worry though, the answers are all here. Please see some of our links if you want to learn more.

As a final note on antennas - if in doubt BUILD IT BIG & HIGH! Long wire antennas are your simplest , but check what wavelengths you intend to intercept first.
 If you are interested in digital mode interception check out our HFDL page or google DRM.


New articles are always being added to this section.
Please check back for more soon!

Until the why not have a look at our links page for more resources

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